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London city-trip

London city-trip

The very first time I was in London I was just a girl. It was that kind of trip you made with school. I stayed in a british family more or less 2 weeks. So my last memory of this city was about a big and busy capital, period. Many years after, here I am for a London weekend city trip.

Arriving at St Pancras was quite spectacular as the train station has a great architecture and surroundings, which is quite remarkable and not very common in Europe.

Every way you look is impressive. The old, the new…

Once at the hotel I got a better view from above. Every way you look is impressive. The old, the new. Everything is beautifully mixed. Even with a fair amount of cranes busy constructing the London of tomorrow.

As in Paris or Amsterdam, one of the best way to discover this beautiful city is to get to specific places by foot, choosing little streets where to roam and feel like a local. Around the famous Thames, you’ll never get lost…

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Some of the nicest places below, I will name Camden Market and Covent Garden.

And the last but not least, the one and only Kew Gardens is a must-see. If you are fond of greenery, London has definitely a lot of great parks. But Kew Gardens is the most amazing you can see. Go check the article about it by clicking the image below or in the section Botanical Gardens of the blog!

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