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PR5 ACN Rota dos Frades

PR5 ACN Rota dos Frades

PR5 ACN Rota dos Frades - Greenery Corner

Throwback on a very beautiful hike in the Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park. Known as the PR5 ACN Rota dos Frades, you’ll easily find the gpx track on platforms like Wikiloc.

The hike start with a wonderful viewpoint of the Polje de Minde (rumor has it that it is filled with water during autumn and it’s impressive to witness). From there you just have to follow to marks and appreciate the landscape!

Even after all these months walking through Portugal, I’m still amazed to see all the species that grows there. Most of the time in harsh conditions, nature persists and blooms. Not to mention the smell of lavender and rosemary at every step!

PR5 ACN Rota dos Frades : inhabitants encounters

You’ll meet some of the inhabitants while crossing the little villages for sure!

The breathtaking views on the olive trees fields will help you to climb the last part.

I can’t resist to share with you some more of the pictures I took of the greenery all around!

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