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Live in Portugal in September 2021

Live in Portugal in September 2021

Aqueduto dos Pegoes - Live in Portugal September 2021 - Greenery Corner

This month started with a little bit of hope regarding liberty and discoveries. With the removal of the outdoor mask requirement, and some days with temperatures below 30°C, live in Portugal felt almost as great at it used to be. I felt more confident to go outside and (re)discover places. Funny how it gives you wings when you’re allowed to breathe freely, right?

Quick stroll in Aqueduto dos Pegões, in Tomar

The light is becoming more and more beautiful these days, and it’s always a pleasure to come back to this particular place at different times of the year, just to see it evolving. Make sure you go and see this place with your own eyes when you head to Tomar next time. Click here for the link to the exact location.

Getting back on the trails

When you live in Portugal, you learn to live with the sun and avoid it when it’s necessary. That’s why the first cloudy day of the season was a good reason to go back on the trails. We went back to the first trail we did back in 2019, next to the Ruínas de Conímbriga. Check the dedicated article to know more about this beautiful trail called PR1 CDN – O Vale do Rio dos Mouros e a Mata da Bufarda.

The encounter of the year

Probably the most beautiful scenery I was given to see this year: a group of flamingos peacefully living in the lake on the west coast. Spending hours watching them until the sunset was the highlight of the month. More photos on the dedicated article here.

Quick stop in Peniche

Being on the west coast was the occasion to make a quick stop in Peniche, appreciate the colors and old buildings. I took these photos to keep memories.

Beautiful places close to home

Sometimes live in Portugal means finding cute places close to home. Tancos, well known for its military base, is in fact a cute village with a wonderful view on the Tagus river. We will come back and explore more for sure.

Beautiful hike in Água Formosa

Mild temperatures got us back on the trails at the end of the month to discover Água Formosa. This beautiful Aldeia de Xisto is definitely not to miss. Here is the full article about the hike there.

Hope you liked this insight on how is it to live in Portugal in September. You’ll find the other editions in the Expat Journal category.

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