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Live in Portugal in August 2020

Live in Portugal in August 2020

Live in Portugal - Birdwatching - August 2020

Live in Portugal in August 2020

Live in Portugal in August or another hot summer month in the country. I’m not sure if the temperatures were more breathable or if I’m just getting used to it. Which, in either case, is great.

August 2nd: Sunday morning bird watching

It’s a fact that I prefer to work on weekends and spend some week days visiting around. But Sunday mornings still have this lazy feeling, almost like the time is suspended. I end up spending more time taking breakfast, and most of all, birdwatching. I remember this time last year, August 1st 2019 to be precise, was a very strange day with no birds at all. Like they’d all vanished. This year was nothing like this. Since the lockdown it has been such a pleasure to discover different species around the house!

During the same day at the evening, there was this impressive full Moon. I tried to captured it, looking at some tips around online. For the first time I am okay with my photos! Finally seeing some progress here!

August 4th: fauna & flora at its best!

Another day in paradise. Waking up to this beautiful Strelitzia Reginae flower made my day … until the encounter with a cute red fox later that day ­čśŹ This is one of the reason why I love to live in Portugal.

August 5th: back to Peniche after 2 years

Weather forecast was positive on a sunny day at the Atlantic coast so it seemed to be the perfect day to catch some sea breeze. Peniche was a great souvenir from the first Portuguese road trip back in 2018 that needed to be updated. As you can see below, the sun was not so obvious at first. Head to this article to see more photos.

August 9th: daily rural walk when you live in Portugal

Took a couple of shots of the daily walk during sunset. It helps to remind how beautiful the surroundings are and how it is evolving through the year. As you can see there is a lot of abandoned houses in the back country, I’d love to know more about how it was to live there back in the time…

August 13th: quick view from Torres Novas

This day was made to discover a bit of Torres Novas which is close from Tomar. For some reason you sometimes postpone to go to some of the closest places even if they worth the trip! The little streets are inviting for a walk and reminded me a bit of Santar├ęm. Here is a view of one of the towers of the castle which contains a charming garden within its enclosure.

August 19th: Summer sunset in the Atlantic coast

I’m getting used to go to (so far) my favourite beach Praia da Pedra do Ouro. So this time it was all about discovering a new one in the same area: Praia das Pedras Negras. On the road there was the beautiful Farol da Penedo da Saudade which you can see below. Soon to be an article about this magical sunset place!

August 20th: It rained!

Last quick entry but not the least. After (I don’t even recall how) many days without a single drop of rain, we finally had some! When I left Brussels to live in Portugal, I never thought I’d be happy to see some again ­čśé Of course it was not enough and it’s all forgotten since! Summer is back on track ­čśÄ

Did you like the August edition of how is it to live in Portugal? Which part did you prefer? Let me know in a comment below ­čśŐ

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