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Autumn walk at Lagoa de Óbidos

Autumn walk at Lagoa de Óbidos

Ponte de percurso pedestre - Lagoa de Óbidos - Greenery Corner

The Lagoa de Óbidos is among my favorite places to visit any time of the year. Situated in the west coast of Portugal, it constitutes an important ecosystem where many birds species live. There are several paths allowing to observe those birds while being surrounded by a peaceful nature scenery. You can find those paths listed on the website of the Câmara Municipal de Óbidos.

The Lagoa de Óbidos in Autumn

November and December generally brings the first real rainy days of the year. This long-awaited water will fill reserves affected by the (ever-increasing) period of drought. During this time we try to enjoy every sunny day as there are fewer of them. It’s the perfect time to witness the changes among nature. Some vegetation regain life and colors, meanwhile some other get to sleep.

Some information are available along the path to help you identify the flora and fauna you’ll encounter. Beautiful birds are on site all year long, making this walk an incredible experience. How lucky we are to see them evolve in an area still protected from the urban pressure!

Places to see around the Lagoa de Óbidos

The medieval town of Óbidos, well known for its castle and fortress. This little town is easy to visit by foot, walking through the typical little streets and craft shops.

The Foz do Arelho beach and its passadiços, where the view on the Atlantic coast will blow your mind.

The Bom Successo beach, and the Rei Cortiço one, to fill up with pastel colors and marine breeze.

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