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Beaches in Portugal: Praia de Rei Cortiço

Beaches in Portugal: Praia de Rei Cortiço

Praia de Rei Cortiço - Beaches in Portugal - Plages au Portugal - Greenery Corner

When it comes to beaches in Portugal, most people think about the Algarve or the coastal Alentejo. Having a taste for less mainstream beaches, I’m growing a fond for the ones on the west coast, just as Praia de Rei Cortiço.

Praia de Rei cortiço: among the most quiet beaches in Portugal

Arriving at the beach gives you the tone: it already looks like an intimist place with some fishermen and very few people.

You’ll rarely find people bathing there as the current is relatively strong. This is why walking along the coast is probably the best way to enjoy it.
Several paths in each sides of the beach will lead you to gorgeous views and impressive breezes. Two things that I appreciate the most about the Atlantic coast because it makes you feel alive.

I’ll let you with some insights about this particular place that will help you choose among all the beaches in Portugal for your next trip!

Praia de Rei Cortiço: pros and cons


  • Access and parking are easy thanks to a solid road and places marked
  • Garbage cans available
  • Wooden walkways to access the sea
  • Clean and natural look since they’ve dismantled the building that once stood there


  • We feel a certain pressure of the fenced private resort next to the beach which suggests it might be privatized too at some point
  • The next beach seems to be a very popular one among the surfers, but since it is only accessible via Praia de Rei Cortiço, you’ll often cross the path of large groups of surfers going there trampling on the vegetation with little respect

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