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Beach getaway in Praia Da Pedra Do Ouro

Beach getaway in Praia Da Pedra Do Ouro

Praia Da Pedra Do Ouro - Greenery Corner

At the end of a long, sunny day, a sudden urge for sea air. Walk along the beach, dive your feet in the sand, tickled by the still slightly fresh waves. A simple pleasure to live in this country where each beach is as different as beautiful. One of my favorite methods to reset a slightly congested brain and replenish fresh, inspiring good waves.

It seems to take a lot of excursions to be able to discover all the beaches of Portugal as they are numerous. Some are very popular such as Nazaré or Cascais. Others, more confidential, like the “Praia Da Pedra Do Ouro” or gold stone beach are often less frequented and make it possible to appreciate the calm sunset.

Pleasantly surprised by the mild temperatures and the almost daily presence of the sun since our arrival in Portugal, I learn to appreciate again simple things. Like a beach getaway at the end of the day. Previously discouraged by the invading presence of people and the noise that goes with it, life is very different here. But I’ll come back to it in a more special post dedicated to life in general here.

What’s your favorite beach in Portugal? Take a look at Praia das Pedras Negras or dive into the Beaches in Portugal category to discover more!

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